Adopting a Culture of Health

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Let me serve it to you straight: traditional corporate wellness programs are just moderately successful experiments. While it's common for companies to offer 'feel good' programs and incentives, they often fail to link organizational expense to expected financial gain. While these programs offer encouragement and incentivize a healthy lifestyle, the risks and overall cost for employers just continue to climb.

This is where Health Solutions has bucked the trend: it's not enough to introduce a program and expect change to happen effortlessly - a sustainable culture of wellness happens when three key fundamentals are introduced in tandem, adopted at all levels of the organization and accurately measured:

Determine Direction

Wellnelytics is a revolution in data-driven health forecasting.

To charter your wellness course and keep momentum, Health Solutions offers Wellnelytics™ - a hybrid of predictive analytics and one-on-one clinical coaching. Our strategy allows big analytics engines to apply predictive patterns to the health and wellbeing of your employee population - not on a generalized statistical level - but using the exact biometric data of your employee population. 

With approved access to your company's census data, our team runs industry-grade algorithms that cross-reference your population's variables with probabilistic logic and our proprietary historical data - producing highly-accurate risk models. 


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Read our financial outcomes whitepaper, "Hiding in Plain Sight."


Set the Expectation

"Accountability breeds response-ability." - Stephen R. Covey

In order to truly change an organization's mindset on health, expectations must be acknowledged and supported at every level and tier of your organization. Health Solutions is proud to facilitate this process by offering a wealth of resources and data-driven technology for employers and participants, alike. While employers are able to track and monitor their ROI, the Health Solutions dashboard empowers participants to investigate their options, set milestones and track progress at the individual level.

Provide Inspiration

If insurance at the employer level isn't complex and daunting enough, imagine how members of your workforce feel?

Health Solutions is proud to collaborate with a network of elite, highly-skilled and knowledgeable insurance brokers to help your employees understand their benefit options. With the proper resources and education, wellness participants can feel empowered to make lifestyle changes that will impact their health and wellbeing for years to come. 

To keep motivation high, HSI will help you select wellness champions - internal influencers you can count on to foster a culture of wellness and encourage participation. Once selected, champions will form a committee to oversee and promote company-wide wellness challenges that are custom-fit to meet the precise needs of your population. 

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