Broker Today, Consultant Tomorrow


My name is Sam Houston and I am the Executive Vice President at Health Solutions, LLC. In the last 20 years I've sat on both sides of the table – the seller side and the buyer side of healthcare solutions.

Prior to Health Solutions I helped run a family-owned business and was tasked with a buying a health plan. We were a fully-insured group trying to respond to rising healthcare cost, looking at buying a group insurance plan. I know firsthand the challenges an employer faces trying to solve that problem.

In 2007 I transitioned to Health Solutions where I became the seller of health and wellness solutions. I have spent the last 10+ years working with brokers and clients to design wellness programs and strategies. I've been in hundreds, if not thousands, of conversations and vision meetings, and have seen what agencies are doing across the nation.

Here's some of what I've learned: 

Winning Consultants are Listening, Learning and Leading their clients to successful programs.

Successful Consultants are seeing their health plan as a business strategy, rather than an employee benefit. Thirty years ago, the sales process relied on relationship-based selling, then transitioned to solution-based selling. Today, clients expect both. They expect you to be the expert and provide a solution that meets their objectives, while also providing a strong relationship.

Listening to what is going on in the industry and sharing those insights with their clients.

Learning their clients specific challenges and biggest pain points, and then providing solutions that deliver results.

Leading proactively to provide services and solutions to mitigate their client’s biggest risks.

“Are you a broker of today or the consultant of tomorrow?”

Transactional based, pitching a product. You're relying too much on a friendship or a certain style of selling. REACTIVE - "Call me when you need me" approach.

Strategic, valuing partnership and collaboration. You're consulting your clients on a total health management strategy, not only looking at the dynamics of the group health plan but integrating a PROACTIVE wellness approach.

Leverage Health Solutions as a Differentiator

Advantage Wellnelytics
 Health Solutions' premier data analytics platform

1. One-Stop Shop - Advantage Wellnelytics™ is carrier agnostic allowing you to have consistent retrospective and prospective analytics encompassing multiple factors. This enables strategic discussion all-in-one platform, providing access to all claims regardless of your health plan and prescription carrier. 

2. Member Level - Advantage Wellnelytics™ provides confidential member level detail that includes; current risk, predicted risk and cost, conditions and care gaps (preventive and condition related). 

3. Predicted Risk - Advantage Wellnelytics™ provides risk prediction analysis not just retrospective review allowing you to deploy solutions to reduce risk and cost. 

4. Customized Solutions - Advantage Wellnelytics™ allows you to deploy custom disease management solutions based on your populations identified future risk and potential savings opportunities. 

5. Tracking - Advantage Wellnelytics™ allows you to track program(s) impact across numerous claims, medical/clinical, and financial metrics (including potential savings and measured cost avoidance) within an engaged population and between populations 

"I have a fully-insured group that I would like to help move to self-insured"


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