A Resolution to Better Yourself


Our last post - Measuring Health - was such a hit that we've decided to take things a step further on your journey toward recalibrating health from every angle. 

For those of you that missed our last blog post, we introduced the concept of the wellness wheel - a means to visualize and determine where your emotional energy is currently being used and help you find balance and set realistic expectations - just in time for the New Year!

HSI Wellness Wheel (4).jpg

The Wellness Wheel

Complete this helpful exercise for a comprehensive understanding of your health.

Here are some tips from top influencers in each area to help you get and stay inspired in 2018: 

Social Sphere: 

Even an afternoon spent people-watching at the mall or at the coffee shop is great social exposure. Here are some other ideas: 

@Greetabl | Need to connect with an old friend? This website specializes in unique personalized gifts and packages you can send in just a few clicks.

Connect offline! | Invite friends over for dinner and get out a board game or try exploring your community as a tourist would!

Mental Sphere: 

Challenge your mind with the help and insight of these intellectual leaders: 

@brainpickerBrain Pickings a free and (ad-free) digest of interesting and thought-provoking articles.

@Talkspace | This online therapy tool will match you with a licensed therapist so you can get the support and guidance you need anytime, anywhere.

@nasa | Ponder what's out there by scrolling through some of the most amazing pictures our universe has to offer. 

Physical Sphere:

In need of physical motivation? Check out these dieticians and athletes:

@dailyburn | Choose from over 900 streaming workouts - you can start a free trial immediately. 

@bornfitness | Adam Bornstein is a New York Times best-selling author - he's compiled a library of information on fitness, nutrition, recipes and inspirational success stories.

@greatist | Touting the hashtag #healthyforeverybody, Greatist offers articles on food, fitness, body, life and products to help you stay focused on health goals and intentions.

Financial Sphere: 

Don't know where to start? These financers are some of the best in the industry:

Digit | Make savings easy by using this app to automatically transfer small amounts of money every few days from your checking account to your savings account. 

@mintapp | Effortlessly manage your money, budgets and bills to create the balance you want. 

Family Sphere

Strengthen the family bond with help from these key individuals:

@PackUpGo_travel | In the mood for a spontaneous trip? This team of travelers will plan one for you - and not tell you a thing about it until after your bags are packed!

Happy Family | Happy Family's resource center is full of advice, support and parental know-how.

Career Sphere

Regardless of your industry, these influences will leave you feeling energized:

@ted | With the simple tagline, "Ideas worth spreading," this organization is devoted to sharing ideas in the form of short, powerful talks. Today, their mission covers countless topics in more than 100 different languages. 

@CreateCultivate | Attention working women: this online platform caters to female entrepreneurs in the digital space.

Spiritual Sphere

Listen to your heart and find peace with some guidance from the following:

@DalaiLama | The Dalai Lama has inspired many through speeches, experiences and a dedication to serving others. Follow his Instagram for a daily dose of inspiring quotes and images. 

@HumansofNY | Find your faith in humanity by reading a few of the many stories that accompany these street portraits compiled by photographer Brandon Stanton.

At Health Solutions, we'll assist you on this journey, providng the education and insight you need to feel inspired and acheive lasting results. Interested in learning more about who we are and how your organization can benefit? Check us out at the link below!