The Broker Relationship

As Health Solution's Broker Relationship Manager, I often refer to myself as a solutions architect. I take pride in partnering with the benefits brokers to explain the unique role our company plays in the health and wellness landscape. 

This might surprise you, but I don't consider Health Solutions to be your traditional wellness company.

Here's why: Health Solutions offers corporate wellness initiatives, predictive analytics, and coaching, but more than anything, we're in the business of forging partnerships - with the broker, their clients, and participants - all in an effort to perpetuate trust and sustain success for all involved, and we do this by engaging our team of health coaches, pharmacists, and professionals. This blog will give you an in-depth look at how Health Solutions does business through meaningful engagement.

Build Trust

The broker relationship begins with an interview. I usually kick it off by facilitating an exercise to help the broker put themselves in their client's and the participant's shoes: envision being either the CEO or CFO of a company. Rates are up 50 percent - while your initial concern may be avoiding another costly increase, focus instead on the root of the increase. How do you remedy the issue without compromising your key employees?

From there, I ask the broker one simple question: what strategies have worked to keep that client happy and healthy? Based on how they answer, we begin a discovery process to determine how we can partner to supply and implement a well-rounded approach to improved health, lower costs and a strong return on investment. 


new clients + Improved retention

Prior to Health Solutions, I worked for a corporation that lacked passion. Health Solution's leadership, coaches, pharmacists and account managers are fueled by it. From day one, I felt inspired by my new team and made a commitment to share the Health Solutions culture with brokers, clients, and participants - even my own family! It's one thing to be part of an organization that promotes a healthy lifestyle, but it's something else entirely to work for a company committed to transforming participants' lives, outlooks and behaviors and gives the stake holders of the company optics, confidence and power in to their future decisions. 

Health Solutions wants to ensure brokers and clients have the right tools to fully invest. Our approach hinges on saving lives, keeping individuals healthy and changing attitudes among an organization's high-risk member population. 

Adopt a Team-Player Mindset

From the outset of any engagement, we want to make it clear to decision-makers that the broker and Health Solutions operate in tandem. I often accompany the broker on client meetings and will offer to personally conduct the wellness portion of their benefits presentation - this way, I can answer critical questions up-front and speak to Health Solutions' capabilities. The broker sees value in this because unlike other wellness companies, we show partnership, not just deliver on a promise. The client also sees value in transparency and our mutual commitment to achieving their unique goals.

In addition to a team-selling approach, brokers look to Health Solutions to understand industry trends and find value in our capabilities, resources, and support through our unique onboarding platform, built to address client retention, growth, and ways to leverage the Health Solutions partnership to solve for a client's most critical pain points.


Want to see how we deliver ROI?

Read our financial outcomes whitepaper, "Hiding in Plain Sight."

Be a Champion for the Participant 

We take pride in bringing the data home. When I sit down with the broker, C-Suite, and stakeholders, we often hear concerns about cost and employees: they don't want turnover and can't afford additional training. I enjoy explaining to them that our proven approach will shift the mindsets of even their most stubborn employees and that many of our high-risk participants have made impressive, sustainable changes to behaviors, closed gaps in care, and improved chronic conditions.

What does this journey look like for a high-risk participant? It varies and is as individualized as they are. Our health coaches and pharmacists routinely help participants embrace and maintain a lifestyle that they wouldn't have been able to achieve without proper training, advocacy and guidance from our team. They share in every obstacle and celebrate each success. We truly view our participants as an extension of the Health Solutions family.

With Health Solutions, we are able to identify the riskiest participants in our client’s employee census and address that risk with intervention. We view Health Solutions as a loss control and risk mitigation solution rather than traditional wellness.
— Rick Debartolo, LMC Insurance & Risk Management

This impact reaches far beyond the participant - it can impact their children and parents, among others! It's important for the C-Suite and stakeholders to understand that just as they are tasked with filling a position, they are also responsible for keeping a cherished employee healthy and investing in their unique skills and personalities to help them grow. 

It comes down to this: employers will enjoy more production and better quality from employees that love what they do and appreciate the benefits their employer provides. If they know the employer cares about their overall well-being, they'll do better naturally - not by demand. As an employer, the most valuable piece of information you hold is your employee's outlook.

That's what makes Health Solutions different - we're not just a wellness company, we're in the business of reinventing lives.