The Coaching Connection


Loosely defined, health coaching is a process that facilitates healthy, sustainable behavior change by challenging a coaching participant to actively listen to their inner wisdom, identify aspirations and transform their goals into action. The Health Solutions process takes the coaching element to new levels by using a clinically-based coaching model and participant data to set realistic and specific personal health goals. 

This hybrid approach has led Health Solutions to become a leader in corporate wellness for performance-driven organizations. As a wellness program coordinator and a health coach for HSI, I'm answering on what it takes to be an effective wellness mentor, guide, and coach:

Q. How do you start building a meaningful partnership with coaching participants? 

I believe the most important step to building a meaningful partnership is trust. Once trust is established, it's easier to open up and begin to create and build momentum toward goals. I start this process by sharing a little about myself with the participant: where I'm from, where I went to school, and why I enjoy coaching - all with the hope that they will tell me more about themselves. Think of it as the beginning of a friendship.

Q. How do you shift the mindset from 'quick fix' to 'put in the work?'

It's my job to help participants understand that quick results are rarely sustainable. It's important to consider the big picture. From there, we can work to track meaningful progress by setting personal, realistic and sustainable short and long-term goals. 

I am honest with participants and make every effort to help them understand that it's perfectly fine to start small - small progress is still progress and no one is perfect. Remembering that the end goal or reflecting on how far you've come can be a source of inspiration - that's the key! Sustainable change takes longer and is more challenging, but the benefits far outweigh the struggles: better health, more energy, positivity, added confidence, being active with and for the people you love, doing things you enjoy, etc. All that stands between you and the best version of yourself is a commitment to measured and sustained progress.

Q. Where do you find inspiration as a health coach? 

My family has always been a huge motivator for me. Growing up, my dad coached athletics and my mom taught fitness classes; both found joy in helping make a difference in people's lives. This continues to inspire me and has fueled my passion for the health and wellness space.

My Health Solutions family is also a source of motivation; It inspires me to see hard work and dedication from my company's leadership as well as my coworkers. They serve as a constant reminder of our mission: to change lives and be difference-makers. Ultimately, I'm inspired and motivated by my coaching participants. Celebrating progress and witnessing individual strides is an awesome feeling! As their coach, I have the privilege of helping them feel comfortable and confident in who they are. I feel honored and humbled to play a key role in their success.

Q. What keeps coaching participants motivated and inspired when they don't meet their goals? 

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Celebrating small victories

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It's important to stay mindful of 'the why.' Why is your health important to you? What benefits would you gain if you continued to make progress and improve? It's easy to fall off course and become discouraged, but recalling the reason behind the effort can offer the incentive you need to persevere. I suggest making a list and staying mindful of what's on it - it will help you regroup, refocus, and connect with your unique purpose. 

Keep your goals realistic. Additional resources like an accountability partner/team, forums, fitness apps and support from family and friends can keep you honest and accountable to your goals - once you meet them, don't forget to celebrate! 

Taking small steps with Health Solutions means you can assume control and create incredible results. Our unique data-driven approach will help you by monitoring your condition and mapping your progress along the way.