We’re not for everyone.  And that’s how we like it.

Let’s face it; not everyone gets it.  Most insurance brokers don’t know how to compete at a financially strategic level.  The large majority can’t read a financial statement much less create a case for a CFO and because of it, they can’t hunt at the enterprise level. 

But that’s why you’re you and we’re us.  If you’re an elite broker and want to see what we have under the hood, we invite you to connect.

Driving Outcomes Not Complexity

We think traditional Wellness creates more problems than it solves.  And sophisticated brokers like you know better than to introduce anything to your client that can upset a good situation, or cause you to lose control. 

Unless it actually works, makes you a hero, and is so easy all you have to do is say yes, sit back and enjoy the show.

Well, it’s nice to meet you partner.

Our Elite Team brokers get our attention, including coaching, sales support, marketing and sales resources, and when the situation is right; leads.   We keep our Broker team small and well supported…and the results speak for themselves.

What does Health Solutions do for Clients?

In a nutshell, we provide you and your clients with the sort of risk visibility that’s needed to protect and preserve self-insured employee benefit plans.  We work to identify, then lower, the risk factors of the riskiest section of your client’s employee population with a combination of data analytics and high-performance health coaching. 

By reducing the possibility for catastrophic claims, we dramatically reduce plan risk.  And the secondary benefits are considerable too:  Higher performance employee populations, talent attraction and retention, and significant legacy impact for leadership with their employee families and larger community.

Health Solutions is good for the heart and the head.


Want to See How we deliver ROI?

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