Careers:  Phlebotomist/Health Examiner

Phlembotomist/Health Examiner

Location: Health Solutions, Cedar Rapids

Type of Employment: Part Time
Date Posted: 10/13/2017

Job Summary:

-       Company: Health Solutions, LLC

-       Location: Cedar Rapids, IA and surrounding areas

-       Job Type: Part-time

-       Education: Training in phlebotomy

About the Job:

Health Solutions partners with businesses to deliver employee wellness programs including onsite health screenings, consultations to review results, and health coaching to work with participants to improve their health throughout the year. This position involves phlebotomy and health biometric collection. Great position for RN's, LPN's with phlebotomy skills.

Necessary Skills:

·  Specific training in phlebotomy with a minimum of 1000 sticks

·  Specific training in collecting biometric measurements, including waist circumference and blood pressure

·  Knowledge of HIPAA Privacy Rules

·  Extreme professionalism and punctuality is a must

Must be a team player, effective communicator, and consistently punctual. Expected hours for this position will vary but will include both day and evening hours. Typical shifts will be 4-8 hours, primarily Monday-Friday with an occasional Saturday. Starting pay will be based on experience, and being bilingual will result in a 5% pay increase across the board.

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