Health Solutions’ Coaching

Inside each individual is one of the most powerful forces on Earth:  Hope.

Taking small steps over time with a Health Solutions coach puts the control into the individual’s hands and provides hope that they can achieve incredible results.

Our unique approach is to keep an employee —and their doctor—continuously informed about their condition and their progress.  Our clinical pharmacists work as an employee’s advocates, offering them and their medical provider advice and recommendations as needed. 

This extra level of service enables the doctor to track the individual’s health status on a regular basis, greatly enhancing their ability to identify issues and trends early, and give them the best care possible. 

How Does It Work?

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Lifestyle Coaching Options

  • Participants with high health screening results according to national standards

  • Participants with preventive exams that are overdue according to age and gender

  • Metabolic Syndrome

  • Participants with normal health screening and biometric results according to national standards wanting to “stay well”

  • Participants with diagnosed chronic conditions that are well controlled according to national standards wanting to “stay well”

Intervention Coaching Options

  • Participants with critical health screening results according to national standards

  • Participants with a diagnosed chronic condition that is not well controlled according to national standards

  • Participants flagged in predictive analytics for members identified based on areas of risk

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Clinically advanced intervention coaching

- Serious cost members identified

- Assigned to a Care Team

- Monthly Coaching Sessions

- Coach and participant focus on changing behavior

- Clinical Pharmacist and Medical Provider focus on disease management

Where are we currently coaching?

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The program and my Health coach are great. Knowing that my company was willing to pay for me to participate because they were concerned with my health was motivation for me to be committed to follow the process. I learned a lot along the way about my diet and the “why” behind certain things. I switched up my diet and was able to lose 50lbs in just a few months by sticking to the program and working with my health coach. I feel better than ever!
— Moderate Risk LIfestyle Coaching Participant
The absolute best part of the Health Solutions coaching is the Clinical Pharmacist who consults with me. I take a lot of medications and she reviewed all my meds, sent me comprehensive information on all of them, made some recommendations and answered any questions I had. Over the last year, if a doctor wanted to add new medication, I would run it by her and she’d research and give me information. The most recent medication my doctor wanted to give me turned out to have bad side effects and the thorough information she gave me helped me to make the decision not to take it and ask for something else. My Clinical Pharmacist is the best!
— High Risk Clinical Intervention Coaching Participant