Planning a change brings up a lot of questions – Let’s answer them

We’ve tried wellness already and it was a total waste of time. How is this different?

It may surprise you to read this, but we think the Wellness industry is broken too. Our difference comes down to three elements working together: 

1.  Proprietary predictive analytics technology for ROI proving

2.  Personalized coaching by top-shelf clinical pharmacists and health educators

3.  Collaboration with your Employee Benefits Insurance professionals

How can you accurately determine the risk levels in our employee population?

With approved access to your census data, industry-grade algorithms that cross-reference your specific population variables with probabilistic logic, and nearly twenty years of proprietary historical data, we consistently produce highly accurate risk models.

What makes Health Solutions better at changing behavior than us?

Every company has a specialty.  This is ours.  In addition to our innovative technology, the professionals at Health Solutions are top-tier health coaches passionate about their role in the larger community.  We’ve built an army of highly skilled but also highly motivated coaches who feel a calling to do this work.  Every one of them feels a personal responsibility to impact the lives of the people they encounter.

We already have a Wellness Initiative.  Do we have to scrap it to do this instead?

Not so fast.  Health Solutions plays nice with others and if what you have is already in place, we may be able to work with it. Let’s talk first.

What kinds of results can you promise?

Consistent, measurable results are our main value-proposition. Every client sees year-over-year improvement and progress.  But the starting line and pace of change is different for everyone.  To make a firm commitment, we’d need to see the numbers, learn more about your culture, capabilities, and leadership.

Can we check references?

Not only do we offer them, we make it a requirement that you speak with current clients.  We are so confident about our year-over-year results that we build reference checks into our process.  Shouldn’t everyone do it like that?

Sounds good.  But is this something we can afford?

For c-suite leadership, financial control is the most exciting aspect of the Health Solutions equation.  Making an investment in any employee program needs to drive measurable financial outcomes.  And for our clients, the upside of partnering with HSI is a clear return on investment.