How does Health Solutions execute?

In a nutshell, we provide clients with the sort of risk visibility that’s needed to protect and preserve health care plans.  We work to identify, then lower, the risk factors of the riskiest section of client’s employee population with a combination of data analytics and high-performance health coaching. 

By reducing the possibility for catastrophic claims, we dramatically reduce plan risk.  And the secondary benefits are considerable too:  Higher performance employee populations, talent attraction and retention, and significant legacy impact for leadership with their employee families and larger community.

Health Solutions is good for the heart and the head.

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The evolution of our wellness initiatives is a positive one as results are suggesting. As we continue to integrate new initiatives, I anticipate similar results. The monthly reporting is a concise look at the areas we are focusing on and very good for initiating discussion. Dialogue is important to make sure all are in agreement with the initiatives and approach, and I appreciate how both companies have collaborated on ideas. My view of our progress is very favorable and would recommend Health Solutions to my colleagues.
— Chief Financial Officer, Long Term Client

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