Better Together with Health Solutions

Inside you is one of the most powerful forces on Earth:  Hope.

Taking small steps over time with Health Solutions as your partner means you can control your life and create incredible results. 

Our unique approach is to keep you—and your doctor—continuously informed about your condition and your progress.  Our clinical pharmacists work as your advocates, offering you and your medical provider advice and recommendations as needed. 

This extra level of service enables your doctor to track your health status on a regular basis, greatly enhancing their ability to identify issues and trends early, and give you the best care possible. 

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How We Enhance Your Results

Using our proprietary clinically based coaching model, Health Solutions identifies coaching participants and provides intervention to quickly reduce the highest risks & impact costs:

Clinical Pharmacist provides medication management therapy to stabilize the participant, communicates with their primary care provider (PCP), and provides disease management & education.

One-on-One Clinically Based Health Coaching is designed to change behavior and reduce risks.

Results – Over 50% of Highest Risk Coaching participants move to a lower coaching stratification in the first year.

Feel Your Power.  Measure Your Progress.

Your dashboard holds your data. And your data is your power. Health Solutions gives you the information to drive change, measure progress, and control your future.

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