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I work with you (Health Solutions) because we’re confident in the programs that you’ve built and their ability to provide positive results for our clients. The ROI was always a difficult story to tell with Wellness programs, and your ability to communicate the cohort movement in risk from one year to the next, along the corresponding costs associated with the various risk categories, made that ROI conversation possible. Now with your ability to become the solution for truly actionable use of data analytics, you have multiple highly valuable verticals to bring to your clients. We’re in the business of providing value through partnerships and services, and our partnership with you is outstanding.

Current Broker Partner

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Health Solutions has played a significant role in our overall health management strategy for our organization. In the past year, our projected overall health care spend was $7,000,000 less than projected. Within our 10-year projections of health care spend, we are now forecasting a $30,000,000 reduction in the cost during that period. Health Solutions’ expertise in identifying specific chronic conditions and intervening with their clinically-based coaching model has exceeded our expectations. We value our partnership with their team of professionals.

Current Client

My company has been using Health Solutions for 3 years now. In the first year, instead of attending the onsite health screening, I submitted a Health Form from my primary care provider. Last year I decided to partake in the onsite health screening. My results came back with a very high PSA (my primary care provider was not running a PSA test). Health Solutions called my immediately and instructed I see a doctor. Shortly after I was diagnosed with cancer. I underwent treatment and am doing a much better job at taking care of myself. This year’s health screenings results showed a much lower PSA. I am very grateful to the health screening results and my company for partnering with health solutions.”

- Coaching Participant

“I think the Health Solutions program is great. Knowing that my company was willing to pay for me to participate because they were concerned with my health was motivation for me to be committed to follow the process. I learned a lot along the way about my diet and the “why” behind certain things. Following the program taught me that a lot of things that I thought were doing me good, actually weren’t. For me, a low carb diet was beneficial. I was able to lose 50 lbs. in just a few months by sticking to the program.

- Coaching Participant

“I have struggled with losing weight and lowering my A1C for the last 5 years. My Health Coach has really helped me out a lot by showing me how to read labels and that the things I thought were good for me weren’t really. Since working with my Health Coach, I have been able to loose weight and lower my A1C. I’m down to a weight I haven’t seen in years and I just got my A1C reading and it was down to 6.4. My Health Coach is the best, thank you!”

- Coaching Participant

The evolution of our wellness initiatives is a positive one as results are suggesting. As we continue to integrate new initiatives, I anticipate similar results. The monthly reporting is a concise look at the areas we are focusing on and very good for initiating discussion. Dialogue is important to make sure all are in agreement with the initiatives and approach, and I appreciate how both companies have collaborated on ideas. My view of our progress is very favorable and would recommend Health Solutions to my colleagues.
— Chief Financial Officer, Long Term Client