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Health Solutions is leading a new era in wellness.

We're not just reinventing wellness; we're transforming it. We've taken what has worked for decades (and what hasn't) and use specialized technology, a unique coaching approach, and financial outcome measurement to finally make wellness accountable to the standards of even the most demanding CFO.

The way we look at it... it's about time.

Health Solutions will help you and your broker craft a customized solution to meet the unique needs of your population profile.

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Pioneered by Health Solutions Inc., Wellnelytics™identifies participants who are most at risk for catastrophic claims, characterizes their specific chronic issues, and using a predictive analytics engine, determines the risk potential. Our clinical coaching teams then reduce risk using targeted solutions concerning diet, exercise, and intervention solutions.


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Our wellness professionals are trained and qualified to give you the right advice based on your specific situation.

Mikki Scott
Client Success Manager

Shannon Carey
Health Coach


Sam Houston
Executive Vice President
Business Developement

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