Celebrating Small Victories


A healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to be difficult, but adopting one won’t happen overnight. At HSI, we do this through coaching – that means exploring and offering solutions built on conversation, goal-setting, education, and accountability. 

Start Small

The best way to get motivated is to start. Don’t focus on everything all at once and remember that drastic changes aren’t healthy either. Adopting healthy habits require commitment, practicing willpower, patience, and accountability. Together, we’ll focus on small, actionable routines and milestones that encourage you to notice and embrace small victories.

Don’t get hung up on the scale. When it comes to managing your weight, focus on the small decisions you can make on a daily basis: pick the apple over chips, take the stairs, and embrace that endorphin rush post-workout. Maintaining your confidence is key to staying motivated.

A bad day is good data. Whether it was a stressful day or a missed opportunity, we’ll work together to determine the trigger and address it in a proactive, intentional way. In the words of Vince Lombardi, only perfect practice makes perfect. You’ve got to model the behavior and lifestyle before you can claim it for yourself.  

Determine Your Motivators 

Health is incredibly personal – and yet, everyone wants to be the best versions of themselves.

Find something to motivate you that isn’t tied to a number and place emphasis there. This emotional component will help you find balance among responsibilities and tasks that compete for your time and attention. You can start by asking yourself these simple questions: 

  • Who else in my life serves to benefit from me improving myself? 
  • How could more confidence and stamina change my life? 

Let's say you're working toward playing on the ground alongside your grandkids. We'll work with you to determine and set goals that make your emotional objectives attainable. 

Take Ownership

Did you know that each pound is made up of 3500 calories?  Or that by losing five pounds of weight, you’re relieving 25 pounds of pressure from your joints? Celebrating small victories is key to adopting change. In moments of self-doubt, take a moment to remember where you’ve been – at Health Solutions, we’ll help you with this by pulling progress notes to remind you of the milestones you’ve achieved. 

Track Your Progress

Technology is a beautiful thing – check out a few different apps that can help you find and continue to stay on track and motivated: 

Short on time?  Thanks to an app by Johnson & Johnson, all you need is 7 minutes and a chair. A medium-intensity workout can include everything from tricep dips and crunches, to side planks and more. 

Watch what you eat. With an exhaustive database of foods – right down to the brand and menu items at frequented restaurants, Under Armour's MyFitnessPal lets you track food intake, encouraging you to make subtle changes and track your evolution over time.

Monitor your pace. Keep track of your heart rate throughout your workout with Azumio's Instant Heart Rate. In just 30 seconds, the app takes accurate pulse measurements by using your smart phone’s camera to measure subtle color changes in the top of your pointer finger.

 Browse other top fitness apps of 2017 via PC Magazine.

Behind every success story is a person that’s taken ownership. With our fully-equipped team of experts, you don’t have to go at it alone. We’ll help you find a solution by analyzing screening results, your risk assessment, and creating an individual solution and prevention plan that fits your precise needs.